WHAT IS PARISH LIFE? Parish Life ensures the success of the many wonderful fellowship activities that enrich our life at Emmanuel. It provides for our Sunday morning coffee hours; the many luncheons, dinners, and receptions held throughout the year; the refreshments that accompany our Interfaith Bible Study sessions and our public concert series, church picnics, dinners and our annual family festival, Oktoberfest. Dates and times of all these events are listed each month in our Calendar.

Recently, we instituted a new way of handling the fellowship activities of our church. The congregation has been divided into thirteen groups that will handle the social events for one month. Since there are 13 groups, the groups rotate through the calendar so that no one is stuck with the same month year after year. Each family works for that one month and then is free for the following 12 months. This shares the work among many and makes it easier for all. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Renee Korda.

Martin Luther Beer and Marching Society (MLB&MS)

Emmanuel's Men's Fellowship Group meets every 4-6 weeks for fellowship, burgers and beer at brewpubs in the Rockville, Gaithersburg and Bethesda area.  The group calls itself the "Martin Luther Beer and Marching Society" in honor of Martin Luther. Luther, who was known to enjoy beer, had the good sense to marry Katharina von Bora, a former nun who was an accomplished beer brewer. 

Membership in the MLB&MS is open to all men of Emmanuel who are of legal drinking age.  Places, dates, and times of meetings of the MLB&MS are promulgated by email to members, placed in the News Notes and Sunday Bulletin, and in announcements before Services.  For further information, you can contact Herr Biermeister Doug Hackett.

Katarina Luther Wine and Darning Society (Katie Ladies)

For a monthly evening of wine, friednly women, and fun, our answer to the men's successful Martin Luther Beer and Marching Society is the Katarina Luther Wine and Darning Society! Not to worry, they don't march and we won't darn!

The Katie Ladies get together on the 3rd Monday of the month from 6:30 - 8:30 pm in the home of rotating hostesses.  The hostess provides the home and procures the wine, while guests bring either a savory or sweet to share and $10.00 for the Katie Kitty.  Once the hostess has been reimbursed for the wine, the rest of the Katie Kitty money goes towards a church improvement project of our choosing.

Friends, guests, and newcomers are always warmly welcome! For more information, you can contact Phyllis Axtel or Kit Moss.

Emmanuel Dinner Club

Emmanuel Dinner Club provides an opportunity for members and friends of Emmanuel Lutheran Church to get together and enjoy stimulating conversation, great food and informal fellowship. This group has been meeting for several years and has been enjoyed by many.

Our dinners are held in two-month cycles in different members’ homes. The host (hostess) will provide the main dish and beverages while guests will bring the side dishes.  The host will select a weekend evening and a time to host during a two-month time frame. Guests will then be assigned to a host. We’re asking our guests to give us dates that will work best for them and we’ll try to match everyone up. After assignments are made, hosts and guests should contact each other for directions, specifics on food preparation. If a guest or host does not respond in a timely fashion via email, please contact them by phone.

We will have signups until September 28, at that time we’ll begin assigning the October/November hosts. If you have any questions contact Linda Fackler (301-365-0893) or Annette Poston (301-424-4064).