Emmanuel Lutheran Church has an established Mission Endowment Fund that is administered and operated by our Mission Endowment Committee. Generous contributions from the Emmanuel Lutheran Church congregation have provided the funding. The annual earnings from the fund are made available to further the work of the church, both internally and externally. Funds for distribution are split among three areas:

  1. Community Outreach
  2. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Mission Work
  3. Emmanuel Lutheran Church Capital Improvements

Community Outreach: Grants are made to social service agencies and institutions whose values and goals are consistent with Emmanuel’s and may include special programs designed for persons living locally who are in spiritual or economic need. Grants are also made to support local ELCA seminaries or colleges and students attending such schools. An example has been the recent support of the Wittenberg Learning Center. The work of this center supports the educational efforts of needy children. Funds have also been provided to support seminary students.

Evangelical Lutheran Church Mission Work: Grants are made to organizations within the ELCA umbrella to support teaching and mission efforts. An example has been the recent funding of handicap upgrades to the Mar Lu Ridge Lutheran retreat facility.

Emmanuel Lutheran Church Capital Improvements: Funds in this area are used primarily for capital improvements of Emmanuel but also are available for debt reduction. The endowment fund recently provided partial funding for the replacement floor in the chapel and in the past retired the debt of the Columbarium.

Mission Endowment grants are usually awarded in amounts of $2500 or less and are generally not intended for continuous renewal. If you are seeking funding, you must submit a request via the [Request for Funding] form. For more information, you can contact the Mission Endowment Committee or the Church Office at (301) 365-5733.