Vision for Emmanuel: Sunday, September 17

Exciting News!  On Sunday, September 17th, the Call Committee will have reached its first big milestone.  With the help of everyone who took the time to complete the survey, add his/her thoughts to the tryptic bulletin in the Narthex, or talk with one or more of the Committee members, we have come up with our congregation's Vision for Emmanuel, which we will present at the Town Hall in between the services. 

We are very excited, because the vision the congregation helped us write is INSPIRING, FULFILLING, COMPELLING, and UPLIFTING, and we can't wait to share it with everyone!  Copies will be available on the table out in the Narthex as of Sunday, as well.

Reviewing where Emmanuel is today (i.e. what we love about our church as well as what we would like to see changed), and identifying where we want to see it go in the near, middle, and longterm future were essential first steps in understanding what we want from our next pastor, and then to outlining what we seek in our next pastor.  It is the road map for writing the actual pastoral call description. 

Now we know where we are starting, as well as where we are going.  Now we can decide what we want and need to arrive at our destination.

The Call Committee has already begun to draft the pastoral call description.  We will present that at the Town Hall, as well, so that everyone can see what we have identified so far.  Attendees will also have an opportunity at that time to express their thoughts and give us their input.

The Call Committee is grateful to the congregation for all of its assistance to date.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the Town Hall, to sharing the Vision for Emmanuel, and to presenting the first draft call description to you then!