Updates from the Call Committee!

The Call Committee would like to remind everyone that Sunday, September 10th is the final day for getting in your surveys about what you like about Emmanuel, what you would like to see changed, and what you envision for Emmanuel in the future.

We received a lot of surveys in May and early June.  Over the vacation months, the rate of survey return fell off.  In the last couple of days, however, the flow of returns has picked up.  That is great, and we hope that everyone takes the time to submit his or her thoughts and ideas over the next week and a half.  If you have thought of something that you would like to add to the survey you have already turned in, you are welcome to fill out another one, indicating that it is a supplement to your earlier submission.  You can also add your thoughts to the tryptic bulletin board in the Narthex.

The Call Committee now has its own large mailbox in the Narthex, where you can leave your surveys for us.  Thanks for taking the time to be a part of our future!

Although you may not realize it, your Call Committee is working at break-neck speed.  By mid-October, the Call Committee will have completed the same amount of work that is usually done in 2 years!  What work is that, you ask? 

  • By September 17th, we will have completed collecting and digesting the views and input of the congregation, from which we will have drawn up the Vision for Emmanuel.
  • By September 24th, we will have finalized the job description and written the pastoral call description to submit to the Synod.
  • By October 1st, we will have presented the call description to Pastor Derek, and, pending his continued interest in the call as outlined, we will move forward and schedule the call interview.

In the 21 weeks between May 16th - October 1st, your Call Committee will have accomplished what usually takes at least 2 years, or 104 weeks!  You will have been a vital part of the first 17 weeks of congregational input and 3 Town Halls, and we thank you for your participation and support.

Mark you calendars now for the Town Hall on Sunday, September 17th, during the Fellowship Hour!  Come learn about the Vision for Emmanuel, which the Call Committee will have developed from the surveys that you have submitted and the conversations we have had with you.  We will also introduce the job description we have formulated, and open up the floor for discussion and your input.